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Downloadable EPK This House of Mine 2015:

Nearly Beloved Press Release PDF This House of Mine
Matt Lax Bio PDF
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Reviews ForThis House of Mine
Matt Lax must now be considered one of America's best country songwriters, the new CD is alive with proof. The new collection has wonderful melodies, intelligent lyrics and let's not forget the very talented Nearly Beloved band members who help push these songs to greatness, behind every great singer is a great band. With the new disc Matt Lax and friends have arrived, this is the one.
Paul Riley-Country Music People

When you listen to certain albums there are those 'special moments' when you find you've slipped into the magic of the music, it has simply soothed away whatever it was that made you mad. 'This House of Mine' does precisely that. The album has an unhurried feel, mixing individual styles and influences into its soundscape of distinctive Americana with folk, blues and country sliding together to create the blend.
Tom Franks- Folk Words (read full review)

An amazing little set that can take its place alongside any classic folk album. Connecting directly from Lax's heart to your gut, this is a must hear for anyone that likes it 'organic'
Chris Spector- Midwest Record

Chamber music intricacy...uncommon fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing, blending traditional folk, country and blues with South African Township and West African styles .
Paul Liberatore- Marin IJ (read full review)

Downloadable EPK Where's Bob 2012:

Nearly Beloved Press Release PDFWhere's Bob
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Praise for Where's Bob?

"A bunch of roots cats that have an unabashed love for early Statler Brothers, Bakersfield sound and Tom Waits come in with a subversive roots date that would have normally had to spring from a mind like Kinky Friedman. Killer roots music for malcontents that want to keep it slightly under the radar and not give their stripe away too quickly, this stuff is a gas for anyone with a sense of humor--even though it's not a comedy record. Great stuff for those looking not to play it too straight."
Chris Spector- Midwest Records

In the terrain of Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, John Prine, Woody Guthrie, Gram Parsons and John Hiatt. Stark! Strong."
Max Achatz-Country Jukebox

"The title track is one of the year's best songs...The disc ends with Matt Lax alone with his acoustic guitar, singing a song about leftie/ folkie Woody Guthrie's daughter. Another of the year's best songs. Matt Lax is clearly a songwriter to watch."
Paul Riley-Country Music People-UK

"Cleverness and originality...Impeccable musicianship!"
Paul Liberatore-Marin Independent Journal

"Easily digestible, wholly satisfying, oddly familiar, always fresh, who wouldn't want to take an Americana ride with Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved? Who wouldn't run your ears through the sonic tapestry of smart songs woven by master craftsmen? Who wouldn't want to spend a few minutes that force you to take yourself little less seriously? There's only one question left: Where's Bob?"
John Castino-Innocent Words Magazine

"The 60's sounding Cool Fucking Sunset reminds of the Burritos as does Tomorrow Won't Be The Future, a song that sounds a lot like a follow up to Sin City in many ways. And a lot of bands have tried to capture that feel but, here, Nearly Beloved have done just that...There's much to like here and it's the sort of album where your favorite songs will change with each listen. Where's Bob is an album worth looking out for and listening to."
Steve Rapid- Lonesome Highway

"An eclectic mix of country and rock recalls the glory days of bands like Pure Prairie League and others 30 years ago. Twangy electric and pounding acoustic guitars embed themselves in your head without being overbearing on 11 originals. The guitars of Erik Pearson and Matt Lax work overtime on a funky cover of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" that wraps the whole album up perfectly."
John Heidt- Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Perhaps the most clever song on the album is one that I'm sure would make Roger Miller proud. "My P-Role Officer" is a great story song about a guy who just can't catch a break , to say the least. A fantastic, well written song and well performed by Matt Lax and the group."
Jason Gartshore- Americana Review

"Made my Best of 2011 list"
Mary Tilson-America's Back 40, KPFA Radio

Where's Bob? The Inside Story

With sly humor, an ample serving of classic country songwriting and sparkling guitars, Matt Lax and his band, Nearly Beloved, bring you their newest record, Where’s Bob? due out mid-February on Attaboy Records. Nearly Beloved is a group of seasoned roots and americana musicians who are at home playing swing, traditional country, the Bakersfield sound, country rock, and bluegrass. Throughout the recording they play with depth and experience as they guide “Darling Bob” and the many star-crossed characters from the album, along their way. Lax describes the varied personalities from his songs, “People living lives full of mistakes, paying the price, and learning from their mistakes…or not!”

The album combines a rich blend of styles unified by Lax’s songwriting and singing, and the band’s crack musicianship. The opening track, My Memory is reminiscent of classic Buck Owens and fervently reminds us, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Cool Fucking Sunset is an anthem to the California Surfer and has a Byrds cum Rolling Stones feel to it, while Where’s Bob? with spare instrumentation and a gorgeous gospel background serves as the ultimate testament to rebound relationships. Tomorrow Won’t Be The Future is a Gram Parsons’ inspired tune whose theme explores the fatuous notion that science and industry can rescue us from our current environmental peril. My P-Role Officer is a jug-band infused look at our criminal justice system from the perspective of a simple minded ne’er do-well. Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues is the lone cover song on the disc and his warning “lookout kid” seems to fit right into Lax’s circumspect world of downtrodden characters. “It’s likely part of my Irish Catholic upbringing,” says Lax, “When I’m feeling optimistic I like to say ‘the glass is only half-empty’, because things can always get worse!”

The album is not all irreverence. The many acoustic offerings include The Moon and Morning Star and Sunflowers Turned Away, intimate and plaintive songs like those from Lax’s 1998 release Wanderer’s Dream. Little Woodblock, the final song of the album, features Lax alone with his guitar reflecting on Woody Guthrie’s journey and the influence his older sister’s premature death had on that troubadour’s beautiful and tragic life. “Woody Guthrie gave so much to this world, while in his own life he suffered so many personal tragedies.”


Nearly Beloved are Matt Lax-guitars, mandolin and vocals, Erik Pearson- guitar, banjo and vocals, David Rubin– drums, Paul Olguin- bass, and Peter Lax- harmonica. The album is rounded out by special guests Joe Kyle Jr.- Upright bass (The Waybacks) Jon Dryden-piano (Nora Jones’ band “The Little Willies”), background vocals- Richard Linley and QB Williams (The Palm Wine Boys), Sonya Hunter, Ted and Kaye Rodden-background vocals, John Mader-Drums (Booker T. Jones), and Dave Zirbel- dobro, pedal steel (Commander Cody, I see Hawks in LA). Matt’s lead vocals were recorded and produced by Mark Karan (Jemima Puddleduck, Rat Dog).

Praise for "Hurricane and a Tumbleweed" 2002

"It is always exciting when good songwriters hit their stride. Matt Lax hit it out of the park with Hurricane and a Tumbleweed. Nicely crafted songs and stylish arrangements tumbled into a beautiful and satisfying musical package."
Mary Tilson - America's Back 40 - KPFA, Berkeley

"A storm of furious instrumental solos, bouncing rhythms and clever lyrics are the components from which Matt Lax's CD “ Hurricane and a Tumbleweed” is built. Expect to be swept away in a party of music."
Fran Gray - Two Louies Magazine.com

4 stars...Believe this stuff !!! A very fine fusion that is listenable and humorous too! A very pleasant and well-played musical adventure from musicians who are conversant with much more than just Country music! Good job!
Dave Chamberlain - WRFG FM Atlanta

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